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Pursuit Ultra Low Process Trailer

Pursuit Systems also offers a wide range of Tow Dollies and Process Trailers. Our most commonly used is the Pursuit Ultra Low Process Trailer paired with the Pursuit Insert Car. There are many benefits, one is its adjustable air bags which allows for clearance from, as low as, 5 inches and up to 11 inches with just the touch of a button. Its 5th wheel attachment allows for a tighter turning radius in those more difficult locations. Quick and easy set–up expands the work platform to an almost 14 foot path this allows for track on both sides providing full vehicle access, You also have the option of removing the side platforms. With an overall length of 21.5 feet and a gross capacity of 7500 pounds the Pursuit Process Trailer can accommodate the needs of any project.

Pursuit Ultra Low Process Trailer SpecsPursuit Process Trailer Specs